Entry #3

Stick Genocide manga & Sonic animation!

2009-07-23 11:44:57 by Hyper-Shan

I may start uploading some more pictures of my fan Pokemon but I'll also upload my Stick Genocide manga from my DeviantArt Acount. (I'm there as Hyper-Shan)

Other than that, I wanna do a Sonic VS Metal Sonic animation, but since I don't have Flash, nor can I get it, I'm animating my drawings on WMM (I feel poor just saying that -_-') & uploading it on Youtube (I'm there as HyperShan3):
Here's a sample - Sonic Running [10 frames; each frame running at 0.04 seconds]

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2009-07-23 12:43:57

Dont post ANY Picture you worked hard on MherMeiser will Steal it

Hyper-Shan responds:

whos MherMeiser?


2009-07-29 12:35:10

A person who steals and claims the art is his. He prob got banned by me and mah friends