Stick Genocide manga & Sonic animation!

2009-07-23 11:44:57 by Hyper-Shan

I may start uploading some more pictures of my fan Pokemon but I'll also upload my Stick Genocide manga from my DeviantArt Acount. (I'm there as Hyper-Shan)

Other than that, I wanna do a Sonic VS Metal Sonic animation, but since I don't have Flash, nor can I get it, I'm animating my drawings on WMM (I feel poor just saying that -_-') & uploading it on Youtube (I'm there as HyperShan3):
Here's a sample - Sonic Running [10 frames; each frame running at 0.04 seconds]

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Pokémon Platinum Version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-05-21 14:00:31 by Hyper-Shan

Pokémon Platinum, the special version of D&P is currently the big news/rumor in the land of the rising sun & spreading across like wild fire with Giritina as the star of the front cover!
Come on, we all know that this would be predictible (although I thought Darkrai would of been the main Pokemon) so prepare yourselves if you want it!

Aparantly Giratina & Shaymin has a new extra form, & like every other special (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald) there is always going to be something new hidden away in this game:

- The male charactor has a new outfit (the female's outfit is currently unknoun).
- Giratina & Shaymin has an extra form.
- Both Dialga & Palkia could (probably) be caught.
- (UPDATE) Their is now a battle frontier, like in Emerald
- (UPDATE) New Pokemon sprites (Dialga's & Palkia's look KICK ASS!!)
- (UPDATE) When calling out your Pokemon in battle on the main player's (you) side of the screen, the pokemon has an additional sprite while in animation, just like when the pokemon sprite move in crystal, emerald, D&P.
- & err... Many more (currently searching for more news)!

So if there is any Pokemon fans out there, try keep this in mind coz in Japan the game would probably due in the next fall of Spring. So unfortunately US gamers may wait for a while to this, Not to mension UK gamers (like me) have to wait a little bit more longer :( .... But it is still worth the wait!

(For more Info, go to )

Also, anyone else thinks it's a great idea to make a remake of Gold & Silver on DS?(people who are waiting for 'Electric Yellow' or 'Water Blue' don't bother wait for them, it's been 4 years & the special/expansion comes in a 2-3 year pattern, It'll never come) Nintendo should seriously make alot of money out of them - I was thinking of the names 'Sunlight Gold' & 'Moonlight Silver' (pretty good huh?;) call yours whatever you like). They NEED to make it, Silver was my 1st PKMN game & an all-time favoroute!!!

Like Platinum, "Sunlight Gold" & "Moonlight Silver" would be worth it coz you still GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!!!!!


Pokémon Platinum Version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My home page

2007-09-28 13:18:47 by Hyper-Shan

Yo dudes!! Welcome to my page!

As you will see, I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic The Hedgehog (long live sonic!)!

I havn't got flash yet (because of W. VISTA) but I (hopefuly...) will get flash soon!
In the meantime, u can watch my favourites though.

My home page